Let's bake the future

That's the promise Molco keeps every day. How? With bakery products of the highest quality, reliable service and insight into the wishes of your customers.

Molco has a rich tradition within the sector

The company was founded in Antwerp in 1945. We launched the first frozen dough products on the market in 1975. Since 2000, Molco has been part of BAKER & BAKER, the same group as the well-known bread brand Waldkorn.

Innovative bakery products

Molco is a brand of BAKER & BAKER, a global leader in bakery products for bakers, retailers and the foodservice industry. The company is active in more than 100 countries and focuses on innovative products that perfectly meet the quality requirements of your customers.

Artisanal top quality:
Quality and innovation are paramount. Molco helps bakeries, retailers and food service companies to differentiate themselves with superior products. Our extensive range brings together innovation and respect for craftsmanship. Only top quality, for reel professionals.

Love for the profession:
Our expertise and commitment testify to a true love for the profession.
The Molco specialists use their knowledge to help your bakery, retail or food service company.
Need advice? You can always contact our representatives, service consultants or marketing specialists.

Heart for the customer:
As a committed partner, Molco does more than just supply bakery products. We are only too happy to share our tips, recipes and topping inspiration. You can also contact us for promotional materials. Whatever your question is, we will be happy to help you.