Artisal, your gourmet partner

Explore excellence with Artisal. As a supplier and manufacturer of viennoiseries, we invite you to plunge into our world of refined flavours. Freshness, variety, innovation and consistency are at the heart of our commitment.

Mastered know-how

Artisal know-how is based on decades of experience, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovation. Each viennoiserie is meticulously crafted, with particular attention paid to the selection of top-quality ingredients. Our manufacturing process is imbued with passion and precision, guaranteeing products of unrivalled quality. The subtle flavours and delicate textures of our viennoiseries reflect our commitment to excellence. 

A winning partnership - pastries for craftsmen

Quality and consistency are the watchwords of artisans, and we share a common vision of excellence. Faithful to your demands for quality and consistency, as well as your need for ease of use, these frozen raw viennoiseries are made in the great French artisan tradition. We value our supplier partners by offering transparent, mutually beneficial relationships.

Viennoiseries Artisal - incomparable croissants and pains au chocolat

Each creation embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. A well-gilded, finely crisp puff pastry, a delicate crumb with the delicious scent of fresh butter ... these viennoiseries are the result of rigorous manufacturing processes that ensure the perfect expression of flavours.