Black Label: Our premium successful concept - completely first-class

Black Label Premium Bakery is the premium brand for sweet American bakery products and traditional baked goods. A specially developed premium range for high-quality product concepts that optimally complement the classic range.

Premium pastries as they should be: made with respect for artisanal traditions and with the best ingredients that meet 100% the taste expectations of your quality-conscious customers.

In other words: premium enjoyment without compromise!

Premium enjoyment in a class of its own

Black Label has an incredible track record as an established and successful premium product brand in several Baker & Baker categories in the EU markets.

The secret of success? A keen interest in consumer preferences and trends, excellent brand presence, exclusive and unparalleled flavors, toppings and fillings, supported by an eye-catching presentation with eye-catching packaging.


Only the best for your success

Our high-quality success concept from Black Label combines taste, appearance and presentation and stands for enjoyment in a class of its own:

  • Selected premium ingredients
  • Special product formats
  • Premium look
  • Clean label formulations

Laminated pastries


Tempting appearance – irresistible taste

Our Black Label products do not only look exclusive, but also impress with superior taste thanks to our premium ingredients.

  • Carefully selected ingredients ensure top-class Black Label indulgence
  • Multiple fillings and toppings create an unique explosion of flavours
  • Tender chocolate, creamy caramel, crunchy nuts or juicy fruits make for an extra delightful experience
  • Authentic taste without preservatives and artifical flavours guaranteed by our Clean Label recipes