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BAKER & BAKER is a European leader in the bakery convenience segment, operating across 12 sites in seven countries, with around 2,500 employees and an annual turnover in excess of €400m. We are headquartered in the UK at our site on the Wirral in the North West of England.

We manufacture a broad range of high quality own label and branded bakery products to suit the needs of customers and consumers in markets across Europe.

BAKER & BAKER manufacturers a significant volume and diversity of products, that is almost unrivalled in continental Europe. Across all markets, BAKER & BAKER produces 2,500 different bakery SKUs for over 500 customers via key account own label brands, general sale and licensed portfolios, totalling in excess of 130,000 tonnes per annum.

Formerly known as CSM Bakery Solutions, BAKER & BAKER operates within four key channels; food service, retail, bakery and wholesale, equipping our customers with innovative products and the necessary category management and sales support to succeed.

BAKER & BAKER owns a number of trusted and recognised bakery brands, including Baker & Baker, Goldfrost, Molco, Croexsa, Concadoro and Artisal. Our brands reflect our passion for bakery, by offering outstanding goods and services with expertise and support that customers can rely on.

R&D is a key business priority for BAKER & BAKER, and we continually seek to shape the market with product innovations that meet the needs of changing consumer tastes and experiences.