Our customers

Everywhere in the world, baked goods are the main, if not the most valuable, item of daily food supply. Nowadays, bakery products do not only meet the basic need of food intake. They fulfill the desire for indulgent experiences with excellent taste and quality. A means to indulge oneself and their loved ones, a treat to bring comfort and gift to bring joy. Thus, BAKER & BAKER is dedicated to fulfill these desires in consumers with expertise and foresight.

From cafés and bakeries over wholesalers, retail and foodservice sectors:
BAKER & BAKER fosters long-term and close relationships to determine and react according to the customers’ requirements to ensure customers are feeling prepared and confident in offering their clients the best portfolio in the right way. 
Equipped with high-end R&D centers and international production sites,
BAKER & BAKER offers outstanding products and innovations to meet even the highest demands – be it in the customers’ counter display or in the consumers’ hand.