The ORIGINAL Simpsons Donuts

When The Simpsons launched in 1990, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon and to this day has remained one of the most ground-breaking and innovative entertainment franchises in the world. Beloved by viewers, the hit show is the longest running scripted series in TV history. 

These glazed donuts with their colourful sprinkles are without a doubt one of the most iconic and popular treats promoted by one of the world’s most famous families – the Simpsons. Inspired by Springfield’s donuts of choice, we created two tasty donut varieties to bring joy and indulgence to the young, the old and those who are in-between.

An eye-catching highlight in every counter!

100% ORIGINAL.100% TASTE.100% FUN.

With over 98% brand awareness the Simpsons brand is undoubtedly iconic.

Fun & enjoyment for EVERYONE

Known from the famous and popular television series -
the ORIGINAL Simpsons™ donut.

AN ENHANCEMENT FOR EVERY PRODUCT PORTFOLIO! The Simpsons Donut does what it promises: a unique brand and enjoyment experience for every Simpson fan!

COLORFUL & ATTENTION-CATCHING The impulsive look with colorfully branded donut capsules & trays ensures spontaneous impulse purchases in every age group!

Everyone really wants to have one!

Whether on the go, at home or as a small snack in between! The original Simpsons Donut brings fun and enjoyment into your everyday life!

Simpsons Donut Pink & Brown

Simpsons Donut Pink: Extra soft donut with pink glazing and colorful sugar sprinkles.
Simpsons Donut Brown: Extra soft donut with cocoa glazing and colorful sugar sprinkles.

Suitable for every occasion

Whether as a single donut in an eye-catching paper capsule or in a colorfully branded consumer packaging - the ORIGINAL Simpsons Donut ensures spontaneous ​impulse purchases in every age group.

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