Milka, the global chocolate brand, available in fresh bakery!

Enjoy tender moments with our Milka Muffins, Donuts and American cookies

Milka is an iconic and well loved household name

With over 100 years of history, and 150,000 Milka products sold around the world each hour*, our fresh tasting Milka Muffins, Donuts and American Cookies are garaunteed to disrupt the category, and delight consumers

Tender alpine chocolate in every bite

Our fresh tasting Milka Muffins and Doughnuts combine a creamy chocolate filling, and soft dough, glazed with alpine chocolate, and topped with Milka chocolate chips - a tender, melt in the mouth treat. Our fresh tasting Milka American Cookies are soft on the inside, cripsy on the outside and tenderly baked full of alpine Milka chocolate 

Milka Muffins, Donuts and American Cookies for everyday enjoyment

Milka Muffins, Donuts and American Cookies are widely appealing, especially attracting a core family shopper to the category, who are looking for treats which taste almost handmade, without the fuss. Perfect to share together, making every day family moments just that bit more tender

Milka fresh Muffins, Donuts and American Cookies available in a range of formats to suit your needs

Whether being enjoyed on-the go, at home, or as a small snack in between, our Milka Muffins, Donuts and American Cookies come in convenient, branded packaging - as either loose product in trays, or in a pre-packed format. Eye-catching in lilac, the range is sure to stand out on shelf, tapping into impulse purchase moments.
For consumers looking for a bite-sized treat or a pack to share, our signature Muffins and Donuts are also available in Mini format.

Tender taste, without the compromise

In addition, our Milka fresh bakery range is suitable for vegetarian.

Now also available in Milka and Daim

Our fresh bakery Milka range extends to include Milka Daim Muffins, Donuts and American Cookies - don't miss this delightful combination of tender alpine Milka chocolate, with crunchy, sweet Daim toffee

Dedicated marketing investment available

We support our range across the Europe, with category leading activation to drive consumer awareness of Milka within fresh bakery, and shopper engagement with, and trial of the range

Milka and Milka Daim are trademarks of Mondelēz International group used under license.

Not all products / packs available in each market, please contact your local customer service for further details